About Us

For those of you who are new to Heavy Load, here’s a bit about the club, what it’s about & who we are :

Back in early 1999, the very lovely Hippy Karen and myself, decided it was time for a club night where we could hear music that we enjoyed listening to so much at home. We’d often say to each other after hearing a real classic tune by LED ZEPPELIN or FREE for example :”That would sound good at a club really loud !”.

We thought it was time for HEAVY LOAD so we put our money where our mouths were and bought some Deejay decks and a PA system and hired the backroom of a pub. That was in May 1999.

aboutusflyersWe’ve put on the club on a monthly basis at several different venues over the years. We’ve most recently been “loading it up” at The Phoenix, London W1, since August 2003.

If you enjoy the more influenced rock bands from the late 60’s through to the mid 70’s, well you really will feel at home at HEAVY LOAD. Favourites to hit the decks include LED ZEPPELIN, FREE, ZZ TOP, HUMBLE PIE, STONES, HENDRIX, ALLMAN BROTHERS and LYNYRD SKYNYRD. We also have a fanatical appreciation for THE BLACK CROWES as you may have noticed if you’ve been to the club before.

We do dig deeper into our collection for a few things that you may have not heard before, but generally keep to the more well known bands and keep everybody happy.

If you want a good night out and would like to meet like minded people, HEAVY LOAD is definitely the place to be. We’re always in action on the LAST SATURDAY of the month. See you all there!


You may have seen us before

1999, from may to September : Queens Head, Brighton – Hobgoblin, Brighton – Sols Arms, London

2000, from may to June : Sun & 13 Cantons, London – Sols Arms, London – Fitz & Firkin (now the Albany )London

From October 2000 to January 2002 : Fitz & Firkin (now the Albany ) , London – Green Man, London- River Bar, London – Coach & Horses, London

From February 2002 to January 2003: The Pleasure Unit, LondonAugust 2003 to present: The Phoenix, London